Actor Will Smiths son has become the highest paid child star in Hollywood - earning a staggering 2m from his role in The Karate Kid. Although just 12 years old, Jaden Smith received the bumper pay day thanks to the box office success of the film. He was paid a reported salary of $1m (600,000) as an 'up front fee to star in a remake of the 1984 movie. It was only the young actors third film, but his first starring role alongside Jackie Chan. According media sources his management had also negotiated a share of the eventual profits of the film. With The Karate Kid film taking more than $150m (100m) at the box office, the young actor received another $2m(1.3m) bonus. The media estimate that other perks signed into Jadens contract would have resulted in a payday of over $3m (2m). As well as starring in the film he also sang the theme song 'Never Say Never alongside teen superstar Justin Bieber. Jadens seven figure salary makes him by far the highest paid of any of the young actors currently in Hollywood. Although the film was released in 2010 when Jaden was 12 he had begun filming at the age of 10. The young actor began his career with a small part in his fathers 2006 film The Pursuit Of Happyness. With his youger sister Zillow they have forged out careers with the blessing of their parents Will and Jada Pinket Smith. As well as acting Jaden has forged a career as a rap artist and his 10 year old sister had a No 2 hit in the UK with Whip My Hair. Like her older brother she has appeared in several films, most notably I am Legend, alongside her father. HH