PESHAWAR - Legislators from Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and Awami National Party (ANP) in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Monday exchanged allegations against each other when the former termed Osama bin Laden a hero of the Muslim world while the latter dubbed him as a symbol of terrorism. KPA met with Speaker Kiramatullah Khan in the chair. The JUI-F MPA Mufti Kifayatullah, while taking at the floor termed the news of bin Ladens killing tragic for billions of Muslims. He said Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam, but it had been turned into a killing field for those working for Islam and Jihad. He said it was a matter of shame for the provincial government that it did not know about the operation against bin Laden in Abbottabad, as the area fell under the provincial jurisdiction. He said the government followed American dictations, and by doing so, We are giving a wrong message to the world that Pakistan is a slaughterhouse for those who believe in Jihad. He said it showed a huge gap between government and the masses. The rulers supported US but the common people loved Muslim heroes, he remarked. He said that Muslim heroes were being killed in Pakistan and it was a matter of shame that foreign forces came and kill people on this soil. The killing of Osama, Mufti observed, took place at midnight but the foreign office issued statement in this regard at noon. He claimed that Pakistan Army handed over Osama to US, who killed him in a fake encounter. The injustices would have to end soon and a new revolution would emerge in the name of Islam, he said adding they assured the world that Pakistan was not killing field for Muslims. He said bin Laden was a hero and the incident was not an attack on him but it was an onslaught against the countrys sovereignty. Calling the US a terrorist country, he said it attacked Muslims in a country that came into being in the name of Islam. Islamic revolution, he said, would turn the land as a graveyard for Americans. Stating that the US was a killer state, Mufti said a peaceful struggle would continue till the disintegration of US. We dont have guns and army but we can offer our bodies to bullets. The bullets would finish but the bodies of Ulema and common Muslims will not. As our sacrifices had disintegrated Russia, so America would be shattered to pieces, Mufti added. KP Senior Minister Bashir Bilour ridiculed Muftis claims and said who authorised him to represent the entire Muslim world, saying Pakhtuns are better Muslims than others elsewhere. Holding bin Laden responsible for the killing of innocent citizens and the destruction of schools and hospitals, Bashir Bilour said he was a symbol of terrorism. Injustices against innocent citizens came to an end with the death of Osama, he said. He asked as to why bin Laden did not fight in his own country. Why he killed our children and on whose instructions? Why he destroyed Swat, Peshawar and entire Pakistan? Why Mufti did not deliver such emotional speeches on the killing of thousands of citizen here? Bilour recalled that about 500 Ulema in Afghanistan had unanimously requested Al-Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden to leave their country but he did not and provided suicide jackets to people. He told the House that the JUI-F leaders had been warning against the arrival of Taliban on Margella hills but where are they now. While rejecting the claim of Mufti Kifayatullah, Mr. Bilour said that it is the fact that their workers and leaders have faced the bullets. Regarding not taking the provincial government in confidence on operation against Osama, he said that it was true that the provincial government had not been taking in confidence; we think there was no need of it. Because, the operation was against a high value target. He said they had not accepted the dictation from any one in the past nor would do so in future. He reiterated to continue struggle against terrorism saying their suicide jackets would finish but the bodies of their workers would not. He, however, said that they would have to jointly work against terrorists so that to safe future of their coming generation.