ISLAMABAD (Online) - Former ISI chief Lt Gen Hamid Gul has said that killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistani territory or his disappearance from the scene is not a good omen for the country. The claim of killing Osama in Pakistani territory is not a good omen. Efforts for destabilising Pakistan and depriving her of its nuclear assets will be stepped up, he said while talking to a private TV channel here on Monday. It is doubtless to say that operation has been launched in Abbotabad and 4 US helicopters have participated in it. But Osama is looking young in his footage which has come open. Therefore, it will be impossible to confirm that Osama has been killed, he opined. The US had been fabricating such baseless stories continuously, he said. Secondly, as per the US claim this operation had been launched with the help of Pakistani forces, he said adding, nothing could be said final. if the assistance from Pakistan had really been sought. If the US helicopters had undertaken this operation by flying from inside the Pakistani territory, it could certainly be said the US helicopters and forces were based in Pakistan and the reports of presence of the US helicopters base inside Tarbella Ghazi had proved true. If the Pakistani forces had extended help in this operation, it revealed that cooperation and collaboration between Pakistan and the US was continuing at such a larger scale and tension was also going on, he maintained. The coming days were very tough for Pakistan, he said, adding she needed to remain highly cautious in this situation. Cooperation between army, people and government had become inevitable, he said. However, the killing of Osama was a good omen for President Obama and his election campaign had started from Monday, he stated. He observed the US president would now claim that Afghan mission of this war had been completed while that of Pakistan mission was yet to be accomplished which was nothing but to destabilise the country, he added. He said the killing of Osama had not eliminated Al-Qaeda, rather it would gain more strength for launching terror activities. Al-Qaeda doctrine was gaining strength at a fast pace inside the Arab countries particularly it had taken deep roots in Yemen, he added. Osama had become inactive since long and if he was in Abbotabad he might have come there for treatment, he said. Elimination of Osama would never mean that Islamic resistance against imperialistic forces had come to an end, he concluded.