ABBOTTABAD - Mystery shrouds the sudden, intense and an unintelligible operation jointly launched by the US and Pakistan armed forces to gun down Osama bin Laden on Monday. Notwithstanding world leaders have virtually exchanged congratulatory messages welcoming Osamas killing, certain explanations evolving from this ambiguous episode remain unjustified. The city of Abbottabad, known as Pakistans military hub, possesses key strategic installations - Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) and one of the major cantonment areas of the country. The presence of worlds most wanted terrorist in such a strategically sensitive city is beyond the understanding of a sane man. In the locality of Thanda Choh, which is hardly a kilometer away from the PMA and comes in the domain of highly sensitive areas, building a fortress-like-den by the banned militant is clearly a slap in the face of security agencies. It has not only exposed the flawed security measures, but has also busted the bubble of 'foolproof security measures in the Pakistans military hub. Official sources correlate the presence of Laden in Abbottabad with no terror activities in the city. The militants knew if they targeted this region, their chief could be traced out here, the sources commented. It has also been learnt that security agencies were well aware of Osamas presence in the city whom they had planned to target before March 23 last year. But due to some unknown reasons, the offensive against Laden was postponed. Reportedly, earlier this March, the security forces had chalked out a plan to hunt down Al-Qaeda chief but it was delayed due to security threats on the occasions of March 23 celebrations at the PMA followed by daylong parades in connection with Pakistan Day. Another important factor connected to this whole episode is Osamas 'burial into sea which again does not carry any logic. Besides, the utter confusion that security agencies created after the Mondays operation is a reckless manifestation of lack of professionalism. At around 3:00 am on Wednesday, the security forces nabbed Aurangzeb at Thanda Choh only because he was the next door 'neighbour of Osama bin Laden. According to sources, two lady health workers, who had administered polio drops to minors in Thanda Choh area in line with their official duties a few months back, were harassed and interrogated suspecting them of having paid a visit to Osamas hideout. Residents of the area say both the ladies, like everybody else, did not know as to who lived in that house. They were not allowed to enter the house and instead the kids were brought out of the home for polio vaccination. Abbottabad District Police Officer (DPO) Karim Khan confirmed that some people were apprehended by the local police and other security agencies in connection with their suspected links with Osama. However, he did not reveal exact number of the arrested ones nor did he mention their names. Also, no details of those individuals were found who died and sustained injuries in the military offensive against Osama. Reportedly, the dead bodies and the injured were lifted through helicopters and were taken to some unknown destination. Whether or not they were given any medical aid could not be known. SIKANDER SHAHEEN