Since summer has started and there are lot of outdoor activities, This Mosquito Repelling Lantern makes perfect sense to prepare for outdoor activities .If you are going to spend plenty of time outdoors, carrying a lantern around with you would be an extremely good idea. Why not take the route of what most consumer electronics manufacturers do, and that is through the magic of convergence? This is where the Mosquito Repelling Lantern comes in, working as a standard outdoor lantern that is equipped with d-cis/trans allethrin, a repellent that has been field-tested by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and is proven to repel up to 98% of mosquitoes. The eight LEDs within the lantern is capable of producing an efficient glow, powered by a quartet of AA batteries. The Mosquito Repelling Lantern is going for a highly affordable $36.95 for those who are interested. CG