Islamabad - The Foreign Office has said that Osama bin Ladin was killed in an intelligence-driven operation conducted by the US forces. This operation was conducted by the US forces in accordance with declared US policy that Osama bin Ladin will be eliminated in a direct action by the US forces, wherever found in the world, the statement added. It said Osamas death illustrates the resolve of the international community including Pakistan to fight and eliminate terrorism. It constitutes a major setback to terrorist organisations around the world. It further said that Al-Qaeda had declared war on Pakistan. Scores of Al-Qaeda sponsored terrorist attacks resulted in deaths of thousands of innocent Pakistani men, women and children. It pointed out that almost 30,000 Pakistani civilians lost their lives in terrorist attacks in the last few years. More than 5,000 Pakistani security and armed forces officials have been martyred in Pakistans campaign against Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organisations. Pakistan has played a significant role in efforts to eliminate terrorism. We have had extremely effective intelligence-sharing arrangements with several intelligence agencies including that of the US. We will continue to support international efforts against terrorism, said the statement. Furthermore, it is Pakistans stated policy that it will not allow its soil to be used in terrorist attacks against any country, adding that Pakistans political leadership, parliament, state institutions and the whole nation are fully united in their resolve to eliminate terrorism. Contrary to the Foreign Office, credible diplomatic and military sources believed that unilateral US operation against such high-value target within Pakistan and without prior information might be part of Washington strategy to blame Pakistani sensitive agencies for failing in intelligence and cooperation. They were of the view that US action inside Pakistan is in total disregard of its sovereignty and has created precedent for CIAs future operations targeting even nuclear assets of Pakistan, besides encouraging India to plan such actions against Pakistan. Agencies add: In an interview with AFP, Prime Minister Gilani said that the killing of bin Laden in a US operation was a major setback for terrorist organisations and a major victory in the countrys fight against militancy. We will not allow our soil to be used against any other country for terrorism and therefore I think its a great victory, its a success and I congratulate the success of this operation, Gilani told AFP. Asked about the extent to which Pakistan cooperated in the operation he said he didnt know the details. I dont know minute details, but in short we have intelligence cooperation, he said. Asked if it was embarrassing for the government to discover that bin Laden had been living within easy reach of the capital, Gilani said: Its an embarrassment for the whole world because of the high tech and the intelligence and such information, they could not reach that gentleman for the last seven years, revealing no further details of the operation. He said he did not know if other arrests were made at the time. We dont have the details as yet. I think they (US) will disclose that. We have some arrangements with them and those arrangements and practices will be followed. Meanwhile, President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday convened emergency talks with Prime Minister and security chiefs in Islamabad following US confirmation that bin Laden had been killed. The meeting was attended by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, heads of intelligence agencies and other relevant departments. According to official sources, several important decisions were made for ensuring Pakistans security in view of the killing of bin Laden. Intelligence agencies gave a detailed briefing regarding the killing of bin Laden and the extent of cooperation Pakistan had extended to the US intelligence. The meeting was told that Pak forces did not take part in the operation and the operation was done under the US policy, and Pakistan was informed after the completion of the operation. The US concerned authorities were also in constant touch with the Pakistani authorities. In the meeting, fears were expressed of a serious and dangerous backlash of Osamas killing in Pakistan as a series of terror attacks could occur across the country.