LAHORE The killing of Osama bin Laden may provide an opportunity to the US to claim victory, but it will not end terrorism as long as outstanding issues are not resolved in the region and elsewhere in the world. Political injustice, if not addressed equitably, would continue to breed extremism and terrorism in the region. In a statement issued here on Monday, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that there were a number of questions regarding Abbotabad operation and killing of Bin Laden. He questioned that under what authority and law the US special forces were allowed to carryout a major operation inside Pakistan. Was this a joint operation or the Pakistani authorities acted as mere bystanders in their own country. If Osama was indeed in Abbottabad, why did Pakistans security agencies not taken action and, instead, allowed the US to breach our sovereignty. Why the government has not shared any details of the helicopter that reportedly crashed during the operation including information about the nationalities of those on board and their fate. In whose custody are the individuals arrested from the scene of the operation as reported by the international media. The PTI demands that the arrested persons must be put on trial in Pakistan and they should have access to due process of law. Their open trial and access to due process of law would lend the requisite moral authority to isolate extremism. Why was the body of Bin Laden allowed to be airlifted out of the country and reportedly buried at sea without due process of law as his alleged body was vital evidence, Imran Khan questioned. He stated that instead of sharing full details leading to the operation, the confusion would only increase distrust about Pakistans role to counter the menace of terrorism. The mishandling of the operation would put Pakistan in a difficult situation as the international community would put pressure on Pakistan to do even more resulting in further increasing extremism and terrorism in the country. He stated that now that the US has accomplished her primary mission of invading Afghanistan, there was no reason of her presence in the region. The US pull out would contribute to re-establishing peace in the region in general and Pakistan in particular. He added that, after suffering unthinkable human, economic, and social consequences of the US-led war-on-terror including 33,000 civilians killed and $ 68 billion in economic loss, it is time for Pakistan to distance herself from this war and save nation from complete disaster.