LAHORE - With the PML-Q joining the ruling coalition, Q rebels, in the name of democracy and the people, have started flying back to the party of their origin, as some of the party dissidents have already come back while many are in contact with the party brass for a graceful return, TheNation has learnt. Insiders in the PML-Q, privy to party rebels contacts, claimed that a good number of dissidents, including members of the Forward Bloc in Punjab, were in contact with the top leadership and some of them were expected to announce their comeback after the oath-taking ceremony of Q ministers in the federal cabinet. PML-Q (Likeminded Group) presidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa and Balochistan, Wajih-uz-Zaman Khan and Israr Ullah Tareen, and APML leader Zar Gull have announced their return to the mother party. Meanwhile, political circles of Punjab confirmed to this scribe that some members of the Forward or Unification Bloc were expected to return to the main party soon, while some of them would wait for the next date at the Election Commission for the reference that is to decide the fate of nine members of the Bloc against whom the PML-Q leadership had sought action. When contacted, Atta Manika, architect of the Forward Bloc, which later became Unification Bloc, neither rejected nor confirmed the report of reverse-defections. He said: Its extremely hard to resist power temptations. However, I would be the last out of the Unification Bloc. I would stick to my position at any cost. Indicating dents in the Unification Bloc, he said, It is the duty of Dr Tahir Ali Javed to keep the Bloc intact as parliamentary leader of the group. I fear no member of the Bloc would turn up if Dr Tahir summons a meeting today. Asked why he supported Dr Tahir to be parliamentary leader of the Bloc, he said, He proposed Dr Tahir as parliamentary leader on the insistence of some members of the ruling party of Punjab and now it is the responsibility of Dr Tahir to watch the interests of the Bloc members. He said that the Election Commission hearing on May 25 in the disqualification references against them would decide the course of Bloc members, as if he along with other eight members would be disqualified, the PML-Q would use any such decision as a pressure tactic against the remaining strength of the group.