LAHORE Teachers of University of the Punjab have drawn attention of Punjab chief minister and the governor towards expected appointment of a controversial teacher as dean of Faculty of Sciences, university sources said on Monday. In an application addressed to the university chancellor, the CM and Punjab Education minister, they maintained that VC Dr Mujahid Kamran has included a plagiarists name in a panel of professors he has proposed to the chancellor/governor for one of the most prestigious academic positions, dean of Faculty of Sciences. They said it is an irony that Dr Mujahid Kamran, who lodged the case of plagiarism against Prof Dr Haris Rashid on Sept 6, 2007, vide letter no D/382/Dean Sc, has included his name in the proposed panel. It was learnt that the then VC Gen Arshad Mahmood did not proceed against Dr Haris, who was a member of the Syndicate and the president of the All Pakistan Federation of Academic Staff Associations of universities and the head of group of the teachers patronised by a religious party of Punjab. In view of this situation, Dr Mujahid Kamran moved his plagiarism case in the Higher Education Commission (HEC) which appointed Prof Dr M Aslam Baig (SITI), Department of Physics, Quid-e-Azam University, Islamabad, to investigate the case who said in his report that the accused was likely to be guilty of plagiarism. They further said in their application that two posts of physics professors were advertised in 1996. There were 5 applicants for the two posts, including Dr Haris Rashid. The processing of the applications was delayed purposely for 8 years. The selection board was held in 2004. According to the reports of experts Dr Khadim Hussain was No 1 Dr Tasnim Zahra Rizvi No 2 while Dr Haris Rashid stood at the last position. The coterie appointed Dr Hans Rashid on the second post, declaring Dr Tasnim Rizvi to be ineligible. Dr Tasnim Rizvi lodged a case on this glaring injustice and manipulation. The high court decided the case in favour of Dr Tasnim Rizvi. When contacted professor Haris Rasheed said that his rivals were running a propaganda campaign against him. He said, I have been contesting elections of Syndicate and Academic Staff Association (ASA) for several years. Any weaknesses of a person are exposed even during his first election, but, thank God, I never faced such allegations. He said that he was appointed as director of the department when this inquiry was underway. He said application was given against him but nothing was proved against him and those who were guilty in this regard were punished by former Punjab Governor Kahlid Maqbool.