PESHAWAR - Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan said on Monday if Osama bin Laden had really been 'martyred, it was his success that he found his destination. Talking to TheNation from an undisclosed location, he said martyrdom would not demoralise the TTP Mujahideen. According to him, till now Ladens martyrdom could not be confirmed. The spokesman said the TTP and Al-Qaeda would jointly take revenge of his death. Warning the 'secular countries against celebrating Osamas death, he said the TTP had still several 'tigers who would advance the cause of Laden. He said various 'opportunist countries had joined hands with the US against Muslims and Jehad, otherwise the US could not have done anything by herself. Agencies add: An outlet for official messages from Al-Qaeda has been deleting posts of Osama bin Ladens death and pledged that the jihad, or holy war, will continue, US monitoring group SITE said on Monday. It said the Shumukh al-Islam forum has been asking users to wait for confirmation of bin Ladens death before making any more posts, but there was a heavy flow of messages offering prayers and vowing that jihad will continue. One forum administrator posted a message demanding that members wait until the news is confirmed by mujahedeen (holy fighter) sources before the members should comment on the matter, according to the US monitoring groups English translation. It said that some users had posted vague threats against the United States. America will reap the same if the news (of his death) is true (or) false, one read. The lions will remain lions and will continue moving in the footsteps of Osama, said another. Oh God, please make this news not true... God curse you Obama, said one message on an Arabic language forum. Oh Americans... it is still legal for us to cut your necks. Osama may be killed but his message of Jihad will never die. Brothers and sisters, wait and see, his death will be a blessing in disguise, said a poster on another Islamist forum. Another forum member pointed to the irony of bin Ladens location, contrasting with long-time rumours that he was hiding in caves. So after 10 years of hiding in mountains, he ends up getting killed in a mansion outside of Islamabad. Interesting. But the prevailing sentiment was one of grief. A poster on the Arabic-language Ansar forum said, Gods revenge on you, you Roman dog, Gods revenge on you crusaders... this is a tragedy brothers, a tragedy. Online forums for militants have been the key means of passing messages from bin Laden and his second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri, as well as al-Qaedas regional branches, such as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen. Forums play a role in communications and ideas for al-Qaeda followers, similar to the way Facebook and Twitter were used by democracy protesters in the Arab revolutions of 2011. Its a powerful medium, said Theodore Karasik, a Dubai-based security analyst for the INEGMA group. Many argued on Monday they could not believe the news of Osama bin Ladens death until it was confirmed online by al-Qaedas official news outlet, al-Fajr. Everyone try to be calm and pray and wait for a response from our brothers at al-Fajr centre to learn the accuracy of the news, a message on Ansar news said. Others doubted the authenticity of photos circulating on the Internet depicting the face of bin Laden after his death. They argued previous pictures of him alive looked older, and his beard greyer, than the picture which some claimed were of his corpse. But on the Islamic Awakening forum, some suggested bin Ladens death should be accepted and a new leader found. Why cant people admit he was killed? He is a human being, not a prophet. Another man will replace his shoes, its easy. Others ridiculed the celebrations playing out in the United States, where crowds cheered and waved flags outside the White House and at New Yorks Ground Zero, site of the World Trade Center twin towers felled by hijacked airliners on September 11, 2001. Please let them celebrate, they are celebrating their own end, said Abu Aziza on the Islamic Awakening forum. Oh Allah destroy this nation for their hatred and enmity toward your deen (religion).