The ruthless bombings that the US and NATO allies have unleashed on Libya on the pretext of protecting civilians there have, in fact, been killing them, though they have been pretending that individuals are not their targets. Yet, housing compounds that have no military links whatsoever have been raided and bombed out, and the latest house hit on Sunday was that of Seif al-Arab Gaddafi, one of Colonel Gaddafis sons, who was killed along with three of elder Gaddafis grandchildren. It must be noted that UN resolution 1973 does not stipulate these attacks and on the top of that does not envisage taking out Moammar Gaddafi whom they have trying to target or any of his family or civilians. However, typical of the Western practice, the resolution has been given an interpretation that justifies these raids and killings. The less said about the Arab Leagues role the better. They should have known that safeguarding the lives and properties of civilians was a mere ruse. The intention was to create a condition of instability and then, on that excuse, either install a puppet regime or, if the circumstances permitted, physically occupy the land and put the plentiful oil and water resources to their own use. That President Barack Obama, who in his pre-election campaign and the books he authored, gave a message of peace and love to all and inspired the hope that the world would have better days ahead, should turn out to be no better than his predecessor Bush when it comes to eyeing the strategic resources of other nations, reflects the moral depth to which the seekers of power can sink. It is also noteworthy that his address from Cairo had created quite a stir and a fund of goodwill in the Muslim world to which it was directed. Sadly, that goodwill has, by now, completely dissipated.