LAHORE The loadshedding crisis continues to plague the country amid the rising temperature levels. The main reason is shortage of furnace oil for thermal power stations which is constantly affecting their generation capacity, resulting in considerable accumulated power shortfall at the national level. Furthermore, day-by-day increase in the temperature is also increasing the demand-supply gap by drawing on more on the available energy. Long hours of loadshedding are falsifying all those claims of Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) in which the consumers were promised for less sweaty summer. The Nation on Monday learnt that the power generation from the government-owned generation companies (GENCOs) and from Kapco and Hubco had fallen considerably. Currently only one unit of Jamshoro thermal power station is working while Karkey Karadeniz Elek Trik Uretim rental power plant stopped operation on April 25 due to unavailability of furnace oil, a Pepco official informed. The official, seeking anonymity, said the GENCOs were merely producing 1,200MW power and their capacity of generation could be enhanced up to 2,200MW if they are supplied adequate fuel. Similarly, he said, the furnace supply to rental power units could provide another 100MW energy. At present, only Gulf Rental Power Plant is in operation and producing about 80MW, he disclosed. The official said Hubco was producing 655MW against a capacity of about 1,200MW and Kapco was generating 800MW against a capacity of 1,300MW. The power plant at Jamshoro is producing 63MW against a capacity of 700MW, he revealed. Hydel power generation is good and situation can be improved if the fuel constraints are removed, he said, adding that the daily furnace oil requirement of the sector was 36,000 tonnes. He said that in the last week, Pakistan State Oil had informed Pepco about cut in oil supply. Meanwhile, PSO spokesperson Mariam Shah, while talking to this scriber said the Pakistan State Oil was now supplying the power generation sector 10,000 tonnes of oil, about half of its earlier supply level of 19,000 tonnes. However, she hoped that oil stocks of the PSO would improved after arrival of an oil ship in next two or three days. The ship was due to reach on May 1, she added. Furthermore, the Pepco on Monday stated that there was a 4,738MW electricity shortfall in the national grid. The Pepcos stated electricity situation shows considerable increase in the hydel generation, which stands at 4,233MW. Lesco: This was learnt that Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) is unfair in distributing electricity shortfall in its limits. The company sources informed this reporter that the posh areas were facing few hours of power outages while all burden has been put on the poor and middle class localities. The Lesco sources revealed that there was not more than two to three hours loadshedding in DHA, Gulberg, Model Town and posh developing societies of Raiwind Road and Multan Road. This was learnt that the unfair distribution of electricity was being carried out on instructions of the high ups. The cell of Lesco chief and the company spokesman were not available for comment on the issue.