LAHORE - Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed of the Lahore High Court Monday adjourned to June 1 next all the connected sugar mills cases for day to day hearing. The petitions have been filed by former federal minister, Jahangir Tareen and others for lifting ban against establishing new sugar mills in the face of sugar crises and its high prices. The petitioners have challenged the ban dated December 6, 2006 being against the right to trade and competition laws framed by Competition Commission of Pakistan, which resulted in sugar crisis. Last day Wasim Sajjad appeared on behalf of RYK Mills of Makhdom Khusro Bakhtyar and argued that his petition be separated for it carries different issue. Wasim Sajjad also argued that Rahim Yar Khan (RYK) Mill of Khusroo is fully functioning sugar mill with the Balance Sheet of more than Rs. 3.70 billion, along with the supply of electricity to the Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO). But the JDW Sugar states that Makhdoom Khusroo Bakhtiar after the complete ban in 2007 established Etihad Sugar Mills and then in 2008, the largest sugar mills of 12,000 tons, illegally RYK Sugar Mills in his home town Khanpur after taking loan form Bank of Punjab, through Hameesh Khan. Additional Advocate General Punjab Jawad Hassan and Asst AG, Shujjat Ali Khan argued that the Government has imposed the ban because the establishment and enlargement of sugar mills is totally dependent on the availability of the sugarcane from the surrounding areas. However, if the required sugarcane is not available then it is transported from other far flung areas, which results in higher costs of production and post-harvest deterioration. Jawad Hassan argued that detailed parawise comments have been filed by the Government in which it was stated that the Govt has been regulating the planning, cultivation, growth and crushing of sugarcane through various laws.