Americans always kill their friends in friendly firing but now American soldiers and CIA operators are being killed by their trusted and trained Afghan soldiers. An Afghan pilot opened fire on American soldiers killing eight of them and a civilian contractor. It has become a routine that Afghan soldiers who are non-Pustoon, often kill Americans or NATO soldiers. Afghans are the brave people who have a tradition of fighting to the last and achieving victory over the enemy. Britain and Russia have suffered humiliating defeats at the hands of the Afghans in the past. Finally, Soviet Union disintegrated into 15 states and now its the turn of America. The barefooted but freedom loving people have brought down America to its knees. Now it wants only honourable exit from Afghanistan. Ironically, Hamid Karzai, the US installed puppet of Afghanistan is confronting with Americans. He opposes NATO operations against civilians and has extended his hand of friendship to strengthened ties with Pakistan. USA, after pouring in billions of dollars is desperately loosing the Afghan war. US designs to divide Afghanistan into three parts, along with General Petraeuss game to keep Afghans fighting with one another, have been foiled by Afghans. US dreams to set up its military bases in Afghanistan have been shattered. Taliban have established control over maximum areas of the country and Kabul is often attacked by rocket fire by Taliban forces. US invasion has united Afghans as a nation. They are not divided as Uzbek, Tajik or Pushtoon but Afghans and above all, Muslims. Americans do not know the enemy and are fighting against the unknown enemy but Afghans know the enemy very well. Northern alliance leaders and Hamid Karzai have mended fences with Pakistan that is not acceptable to America. Establishment of Pak-Afghan commission is a right step in the right direction. Now desperate NATO forces are targeting check-posts of Pakistan aimed at spreading war into Pakistan. Western media has also launched a propaganda campaign against ISI, the pride of Pakistan that countered Indian and American threats inside and outside Pakistan. USA despite being equipped with modern weapon, advanced technology, daisy cutter bombs, intelligence spy system has been defeated by the Afghans. USA had invaded to conquer the land but is now leaving Afghanistan to save its own skin. Afghans have won the battle but with the support and sacrifices of Pakistan. Once a polish citizen said, had Pakistan been our neighbour, we would have defeated Soviet Union. One day, the historian would say that USA got trapped, led the war against Afghanistan and met its demise. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, April 29.