LONDON (Agencies) - Former president Pervez Musharraf said on Monday he was surprised Osama bin Laden was in Abbottabad, just a short distance from capital Islamabad. He also termed the US strike against the Al Qaeda leader a violation of Pakistans sovereignty. It does surprise me but I dont know the details. I dont know whether he was staying there or was he coming and going from there, Musharraf told a private news channel. Musharraf said the operation by US forces was a violation of our sovereignty. I would like to point out one sensitivity of Pakistan and its people and that its a violation of the sovereignty of Pakistan. American troops coming across the border and taking action in one of our towns, that is Abbotabad, is not acceptable to the people of Pakistan, he said. It would have been far better if Pakistani Special Services Group had operated and conducted the mission. To that extent, the modality of handling it and executing the operation is not correct. He said the operation was a failure of both Pakistani and US intelligence. Responding to a query, Musharraf said: If there is lack of trust, it is very bad. We are fighting the same enemy. We are fighting Al Qaeda and Taliban and Pakistan is totally on board on fighting them. Now the modalities of it are debatable and the issue of lack of trust is very bad. If two organistaions are conducting an operation with a common enemy, there has to be trust and confidence in each other, he said. The former president said that there is a likelihood of an agitation against the violation of Pakistans sovereignty. I dont think there is any local official collusion but there is a possibility of some local people colluding. Its a training centre of various armed services. They are oriented towards training of recruits and cadets, he said. According to Musharraf, US President Barack President Obama also said that the Pakistani intelligence cooperated so I would like to commend ISI for their achievement with American intelligence for finally spotting and getting Osama. Let us take this at a battle has been won but the war against Al Qaeda continues. We shouldnt be simplistic and consider this the elimination of Al Qaeda, he said. When asked about how the Pakistan military was harbouring terrorists as has been proved by Osamas killing in Pakistan, Musharraf said: The extremists and terrorists have developed a nexus from India to Afghanistan. Indian and Pakistani extremists, Taliban, Al Qaeda are all involved. So, its a complicated issue and lets not simplify and put the whole blame on the Pakistan army. We are taking a very simplistic view on this, he added.