Former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband got the surname Mili-band, perhaps, because his forefathers played in military bands, most probably as drummers and trumpeters. So, with 'music in his blood, he just cannot help drumming up and trumpeting world action against Pakistan, claiming that it is a safe haven for terrorists, who threaten world peace. However, the drummer forgot to mention that the biggest terrorist, war criminal and mass murderer of recent times, Tony B-Liar belongs to his own country. This B-Liar, together with a fellow criminal from the bush, George Bush, invaded Iraq on fabricated charges of posing a threat to world peace through its weapons of mass destruction. Needless to say, these two of the worst specimens created circumstances that caused the death of nearly a million innocent Iraqis and through their saboteurs created such animosity between Shias and Sunnis that even after so many years, nearly a hundred innocent people are dying in Iraq every week. The crusaders action also introduced Al-Qaeda in Iraq in a big way and increased militancy manifold. After such a performance from one of his countrymen, any one from Britain, who had the slightest sense of shame and honour, would have kept quiet for a very long time, but not this Miliband. Feeling rather proud of, and encouraged by, the acts of B-Liar, he wants to use the Iraq trick on Pakistan in which he has the support of many of the British leaders, David Cameron included, plus their cousins in American, who are all together in the game. Europeans had a disgusting history as colonial powers, but lucking for people, it all ended a few decades back. However, after remaining dormant only for a few decades, the germs are coming back to life and these countries are doing their best to regain and revive their past 'glory, and more importantly, to grab energy and other resources of the developing countries. After Iraq, they now have their claws already deep inside the Afghan flesh and using that as a platform, are unleashing their terror on Pakistan in various forms. Wild statements and accusations against Pakistan, the drone attacks, and their spy network already established in Pakistan are all part of the game and they are doing their best to dismember and defang the country. However, it is surprising that despite all this overt and cover hostility from these officials and leaders, our people treat them as the best of friends and receive them with utmost cordiality, which only encourages them to get even more belligerent. I think one has got to draw a line somewhere, instead of showing so much 'resilience and taking all insults and injuries in his stride. S.R.H. HASHMI, Karachi, April 30.