HAFIZABAD - The PML-N will change the fate of the country and steer it out of all crises after winning the upcoming general election with a landslide.

The PML-N will rid the country of all crises created by the incumbent Pakistan People’s Party-led government and will put it on the way to progress and prosperity.  PML-N Youth Wing Tehsil Hafizabad Secretary General Ch Yasir Hussain Thaheem stated this while addressing a meeting of the party activists here on Wednesday. He claimed that only the PML-N leadership could pull the country from present quagmire. He said that the aggravating problems of the masses with every passing day were the manifestation of the PPP government’s failure which had broken all the previous records of corruption.

“Price hike, corruption and implementation of the agenda of foreigner masters have become intolerable for the nation as the winds of change have started blowing in the country,” the PML-N leader claimed, adding that his party would make a clean sweep in the next elections.

 and would restored the dignity and national pride of Pakistani nation.