CHOLISTAN - There are 10 mobile dispensaries catering for the betterment of livestock and cattle in Cholistan. These dispensaries have been providing medical facilities for animals and ensure vaccination of the livestock in Cholistan to save them against various diseases. There is no reality in the news about diseases in livestock in the area.

Cholistan Development Authority (CDA) Managing Director Chaudhry M Aslam stated this while talking to The Nation here on Wednesday. He pointed out that the CDA had been utilising all-out resources for the welfare of Cholistani people.

He claimed that now the people of Cholistan could contact 50 Patwaries of the area at a time through the Telephonic Conferencing. “Now people will get their revenue related problems addressed at their doorsteps,” he stated, adding that every ‘abadgar’ living in Cholistan for the last 25 years had rights to ownership of the Cholistani Land.

 “I will try my best for the protection of legal rights of the people of Cholistani.

He further said that he had directed the CDA Patwaries to discharge their duties honestly without any pressure and personal interest.