Was Tarbela dam built only to increase the canal supplies in Sindh and for Sindh to cultivate 20 lac additional acres. Did not Punjab have any share in Tarbela dam? From where could Punjab get this share. South Punjab is getting its share through the CJ and TP link canals, which is disputed by Sindh. North Punjab can get its share only through the left bank canal at Kalabagh dam, which Sindh is not prepared to allow. I come back to my question, was Tarbela dam built only for Sindh? Neither will Kalabagh dam be built only for Punjab. Sindh is denying itself the 2.2 maf additional water it will get from Kalabagh dam. Sindh's objection to kalabagh dam defies all logic and is causing grievous harm to the country.


Lahore, May 2.