Amidst all the legal nitpicking and reliance on lame semantic loopholes and lacunae, the government has either lost sight of, or deliberately swept under the carpet, the very simple and self-evident universally accepted democratic principle that a convict has no moral or ethical authority whatsoever to govern a people and expect them to obey the law when he himself stands guilty of not doing the same.’ There can be no greater testimony to this government’s betrayal of the Bhutto legacy, in whose name it came to power and continues to exist, than the fact that the people of Lyari, who set themselves on fire in protest against the murder of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and valiantly struggled against military dictatorships under the PPP flag now find themselves under hails of bullets while their party’s government enjoys the perks of power hand in hand with those whom Benazir Bhutto herself identified as her mortal enemies.


Larkana, May 2.