ISLAMABAD – Chairman Prime Minister’s Task Force on Islamabad, Faisal Sakhi Butt announced on Wednesday that all the employees of Capital Development Authority (CDA) would get plots.

He said the daily wages employees of the Authority would be regularized on completion of one-year service in the organization as per laid down policy of the government. Addressing a gathering of the CDA Employees organized by Employees Federation of CDA, he said that the allotment of plots is also the right of the retired employees and they would be considered during the allotment process.

He said that all the genuine demands of the workers would be met and Prime Minister of Pakistan has especially tasked us for workers welfare oriented initiatives.

The government of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has announced unprecedented benefits for the workers in connection with the Labour Day as it has done in the past for the well being of this community.

The relation of the workers with the Pakistan Peoples Party is based on mutual trust, confidence and unwavering belief.

The history is witness to the fact that it is the one and only PPP, which has always advocated for the rights of the workers and the other parties have deprived them of their jobs from the public and private organizations during successive regimes.

He said that government would provide 100,000 jobs to the unemployed for which the children of the workers would be given a fair chance to serve the country.

The Prime Minister’s Task Force on Islamabad would make dedicated efforts for getting maximum job opportunities for the peoples of the capital area.

He said that regularization of the daily wages employees is the gift of PPP for the workers. He said that the CDA workers should make concentrated efforts for development of the capital city and provision of quality services to the residents.

The task force is working on the agenda to make Islamabad a modern metropolis of the world for which cooperation and efforts of the workers are of vital importance.

Earlier, leaders of PPP, Chaudhry Manzoor, Syed Sibtul Haider Bukhari, General Secretary, Employees Federation of CDA, Amanullah Khan and Syed Shabab Bukhari also addressed the gathering.

Presenting the demands of the workers, General Secretary Employees Federation of CDA, Amanullah Khan listed the issues of the workers, which includes allotment of plots to the serving and retired employees, regularization of daily wages / contract employees, special allowances, jobs for the children of deceased CDA employees, up-gradation of the employees falling in the missing cadres and anomalies cases. Amanullah Khan announced his full support for Faisal Sakhi Butt in the upcoming elections.