KARACHI - Baloch Rabta Iteffaq Tehreek chief and former federal minister Prince Mohyuddin Baloch, while terming the Lyari operation as the ‘genocide’ of the Balochs, demanded the government to immediately pull out the security forces from the area.In a statement issued on Wednesday, the former minister said that “it is a known fact that the criminals had been sponsored and patronised by certain elements within the state to tarnish the political image of Lyari and their love for civil liberties and individual freedom”.Lyari had always remained in the forefront of the democratic struggle of the Pakistani people and they always supported the freedom-loving people from all over the world, he said in the statement, adding that “thousands of political activists from Lyari remained in prisons, while there were no political prisoners from other parts of Sindh and the Punjab”.He said that foreign forces were conspiring to eliminate a generation of the Balochs. They said they had already been doing the same in Balochistan by stopping the Balochs from raising voice for their rights.