ISLAMABAD – The customers of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have appealed to the concerned authorities to ensure proper maintenance of the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) owned by public or private sector banks especially for the relief of working class.

ATMs which are considered to be the source of convenience for the customers, but become source of annoyance, when found out of order due to some reason and long queues for money withdrawal could be seen on ATMs with working order, particularly on the salary days in need of fast cash by the salaried class.

Since the introduction of ATMs, the salaried class prefer to avail this service for withdrawal of money as first of all its time saving, secondly one can draw money at any time,” Furqan Ahmad, a government employee complained.

“Bank authorities rarely pay attention to the complaints of customers, and messages like out of cash, sorry for inconvenience, ATM is closed for maintenance work, link is down, Service is not available, and your transaction could not be completed due to software problem are normally seen displayed on the screen of ATMs,” he added.

Another customer, Zia ur Rehman, standing in the queue for drawing money from a public sector bank at G-6 sector of Islamabad said, situation at ATMs of public sector banks is pathetic; they mostly remain out-of-order and those points where these machines are working, long queues can be seen on them. When we contact the concerned officials at bank, they advise us to visit the nearby bank and repeated complaints in this regard also bring no relief to the customers from the management.

This facility has become a matter of inconvenience rather than a facility for the customers due to its faulty machines, he added.