WAZIRABAD - Wheat crops on 200-acre land burnt to ashes due to spark in high tension wire passing over the crop in village Rodala to Siranwali during a typhoon.

As the typhoon hit Wazirabad, the electricity wires passing over the crop of one Arshad Sandhoo touched each other producing spark which fell in the crop and caused the fire. The fire then spread very rapidly due to strong wind. The villagers rushed to the fields to save their crops and made cuts in the way of the fire with the help of tractors.

Later, the firefighters from Wazirabad and Gujranwala reached the site to control the fire.  Meanwhile, rain stated which helped in controlling the fire but till then ripe wheat crop worth Rs12 million turned to ashes.  The effected cultivators include Muhammad Saleem, Jalib, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Akhtar Jawinda, Babar, Muhammad Nasir, Muhammad Amjad and others. The revenue staff of Wazirabad has started survey to collect statistical figures  of the loss.