KARACHI – Police have been struggling to track down a handful of gangsters as fighting spreads across Lyari, threatening to tip the town into bloodshed. According to sources, the police were trying to trace the gangsters through their cellphones, but these efforts drew a blank. When the police failed to trace their locations, they requested the government to suspend mobilephone service in Lyari. The request was granted. But interestingly, the police officials have now found out that the gangsters are using walkie-talkies to unite in their battle against the operation team. The sources further said the gangsters were using a language of codes, creating further problems for the law enforcers. The sources said that Lyari gangsters were using a two-digit code, for example 44, 89, 55 etc, adding that Lyari gangster chief Noor Mohammad alias Baba Ladla and his close aide, Omar Katchi, Tajdar alias Taju, Jabbar Jingo and others are in touch through these walkie-talkies. The sources said that as the police could enter into narrow streets of Lyari to arrest or kill the gangsters, they must utilize technical expertise during the operation. The sources added that unless the government or senior police officials, who were leading the operation, were sincere, the operation team could not get the desired results. They said that none of the gangsters or commanders used to name each other by their real names, as all of them were using code words for this purpose.