ISLAMABAD - The residents of Model Town Humak have urged the CDA to ensure smooth water supply as they have been facing acute shortage for the last one-month. 

“The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Director and Deputy Director visited Model Town Humak twice during the last month, but the problem could not be resolved”, Zubair Farooq, a resident of Model Town Humak told APP. He said that a group of residents led by Mian Aslam had met the CDA Chairman last month and requested for installation of new tubewells. During the meeting the CDA Chairman had said that the water shortage was created due to power loadshedding and because four out of the six tubewells were out of order.

The CDA Chairman, had  agreed to the demands in principle and issued orders on the application requesting for the tubewell. He had also directed the Member Engineering to get repaired the faulty tubewells immediately and call a tender for a new tubewell. “Loadshedding was no doubt a big hurdle in smooth water supply but the real problems was mismanagement”, Muhammad Ali, another resident claimed. He said that there was no valveman on duty at night which means the water-supply remained closed for at least 12 hours.  When contacted the foreman, incharge of the tubewell said he was short of staff therefore he could not depute anybody in the night. He said that majority of the residents are getting water from private tankers at exorbitant rates. “CDA has arranged for a tanker to fight water-shortage but one tanker is simply insufficent for a population of 10,000,” he added. 

According to the residents it is often noted that even when there is no loadshedding the tubewell operators are found absent. It has also been observed that there is no operator at the underground tank for pumping water to the overhead tank.       

CDA’s Deputy Director Water Supply visited the area twice during the last month and got fitted three valves for direct supply through turbine, but it has failed to improve the situation.