KARACHI – IBA has taken yet another leap forward by organizing the first ever marketing conference to be held in Karachi. The curtains of this prestigious conference, the International Conference on Marketing 2012 (IBA ICM 2012), will rise at the IBA Main Campus from May 5-6, 2012.

Being hosted for the first time by business school in Pakistan, the Conference will seek to explore all aspects of this year’s theme: ‘Contemporary Market Trends’. This idea is core to the marketing landscape in Pakistan primarily because the strongest demographic sub-section of Pakistan is being lead by 114 million young Pakistanis under the age of 30, says a press release.

 To capitalize on this important revelation, marketers are to understand how to reach this young population through emerging digital technologies and media. The Conference aims to identify the contemporary trends from strategic marketing to the more recent E-marketing, and evaluate the potential of these trends for Pakistani businesses.