PESHAWAR - A renowned cleric and Khateeb of the historical Masjid Mahabat Khan, Maulana Yousaf Qureshi, has announced the head money of Terry Jones for burning the copies of Holy Quran.

Addressing a news conference on Wednesday here at the Press Club, he said that whoever will kill Terry Jones will be rewarded Rs1.5 million, as the notorious Jones has committed an unforgivable sin and hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims. He also announced to hold a protest march tomorrow in this regard.

Maulana Quraeshi appealed the people from every walk of life to participate in the protest and prove their strong belief of keeping sanctity of the Holy Quran at any cost and condemn infidel Terry Jones for openly desecrating the Quran.

It is pertinent to mention here that Maulana Queshi, also adviser Fiqah Federal Shariat Court, had fixed one million dollars as head money of Salman Rushdi for blasphemy.

Maulana Qureshi argued that when the US President can fix head money of a Mujahid-e-Islam Hafiz Saeed, then we being Muslims should also join hands to save the true defenders of Islam and kill the anti-Islam conspirators, he added.

Regarding the US citizen pastor Terry Jones, Mualana Yousaf Qureshi said that he had already met him (pastor) during a debate in a University of the United States wherein the pastor was present as well. The pastor, he claimed, did not know even about his own book Bible.

“I and the students in the debate asked him to say a verse from his book Bible, but he failed to say even a word from the book,” he mentioned.

“Terry Jones is not able of even to call human for his despicable act of blaspheming the Holy Quran aimed at hurting the feelings of Muslims, he said and added which is unforgiveable.

“Allah can easily give scourge to the devil pastor but He (The God) tests the believes of Muslims that what measures they will take for the protection of the Holy Quran, his beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW), he addressed and appealed Muslims to awaken and fulfil their duties towards Islam.