LAHORE – The Lahore High Court Chief Justice on Wednesday once again sought assistance of federation law officer on different petitions seeking directions to Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani not to perform as prime minister and hold the public office after conviction by Supreme Court in contempt case.

Chief Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed observed that the judiciary performed its duties according to constitution, and no one could pressurise it regarding the decisions.

Petitioners Shahid Nadim Gondal and others contended that the prime minister stood disqualify after the conviction by the apex court. The petitioners requested to stop the prime minister from working, issuing directives and receiving the perks and privileges.

During hearing, advocate AK Dogar argued that not only the prime minister but his whole federal cabinet had also become disqualify after the conviction of Mr Gilani; therefore the holding of public office by them was a sheer violation of constitution of Pakistan.

“The apex court had already ruled and decided in 1993 that if the disqualification of public representative proves than there is no need of further process. Therefore, the speaker national assembly has no role after the decision of apex court convicting Mr Gilani,” A.K Dogar agued.

He also requested the court not to fear from anything and stop Mr Gilani from working as prime minister till the final decision of the LHC.

At this, the chief justice observed that the court didn’t fear from anyone but performed their duties according the law. The courts decided the cases according to the constitution of the Pakistan; the CJ observed and adjourned hearing till May 07 by summoning a deputy attorney general.

Earlier, the LHC has heard the petitions against Mr Gilani so many times but no law officer has appeared before the court despite dozens of directions. The sources said that deputy attorney office at LHC had been directed verbally not to appear before court in political cases.