Recently I had the chance to travel from Islamabad to Lahore via Motorway M2 along with my family. I was surprised to see a group of youth riding sports bikes racing on the motorway, going zigzag between the cars and putting other commuters’ lives in danger. The Motorway was considered a safe road to travel due to its world-class standard and an efficient police unit. But I was really shocked to see these bike riders using the Motorway for honing their racing skills. I wonder why they were even allowed to enter the Motorway, as only cars, busses and other heavy vehicles are allowed to use that road. It is quite obvious that no reasonable person would use a heavy bike to travel between cities; it’s only sports bike racers who would use the Motorway as a racing track. They have no right to put other travellers’ lives in serious danger along with their own. They should use proper racing tracks for their racing activities. The authorities concerned should pay attention towards this serious matter and take measures to stop the misuse of an otherwise safe facility.


Lahore, May 2.