LAHORE - After the Prime Minister has said that Speaker National Assembly is the ultimate decider of the disqualification issue of his membership, PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has posed that if the Speaker has to sit hearing on the decision of the Supreme Court then what for the courts and why should not be they closed down and all powers of the judiciary be entrusted to the prime minister.

Talking to a delegation of the party members from Okara which called on him here Wednesday and in an interview, Nawaz Sharif also asked the coalition partners of the PPP in the government to reflect on the fact whether such a government is worth sustaining which has no respect for the judiciary and is out to flout its decisions so openly. He said the present federal government delivered no good to the people and threw them into the quagmire of price-hike, unemployment, load-shedding and abject poverty. He said the present government is treading the same path of defying the court verdicts which dictator Pervez Musharraf did during his tenure.

Sharif also doubted free and fair elections under the President Asif Ali Zardari who, he added, is sitting behind and is arbitrarily taking decisions which can cause serious harm to the country.