CHUNIAN - The traditional lethargy and negligence of the Changa Manga Police allegedly resulted in the death of a young man who was kidnapped from suburban Dhag village, Chunian. The police also allegedly tortured and “whisked away” a woman who reported the incident to the police.

As per reports, a young man identified as Shahid was kidnapped on April 26, from his village. When he was being kidnapped, a woman who was grazing goats in the fields, saw the kidnappers. She reported the whole incident to the Changa Manga Police. However, the police instead of taking prompt action to save the man, appeared reluctant.

However, the other day the police along with the family members of the deceased recovered the dead body of the abducted man from the fields.

Interestingly, to show efficiency, the police arrested the eyewitness woman and tortured her severely.

When the media and civil society representatives reached the police station, the police took her away to some secret location.

When asked about the torture on the woman, SHO Rana Riaz and Investigation Officer Liaqat Ali termed the torture as an “essential tool” to [extract truth] from a criminal.

Meanwhile, the police registered an FIR against Irfan, Afzal, Muhammad Hayat, and three unknown persons after the protest by the relatives and family members of the deceased and imprisoned woman. They demanded the Kasur DPO, RPO and the LHC chief justice to take notice of the police lethargy and “highhandedness” and order stern action against police officials. They also demanded justice to the victim family.