HAVELI LAKHA - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Waqar Nol has said that both the PML-N and PPP have nothing to do with the public welfare and they are only manoeuvring to cling to the power corridors.

Addressing party workers and citizens at a meeting here on Wednesday, he said that politicians of both the parties were either sides of the same coin. They seem least bother to resolve the public problems and crises confronted the country,” he pointed out.

Nol argued that the PML-N leadership anti-government statements were meant to pacify the perturbed people.

PTI Depalpur Youth Wing chief Chaudhry Irfan and Haveli Lakha President Awais Maqsood Khan also spoke on the occasion. They claimed that only the PTI had real and sincere people like Dr AQ Khan, who were struggling for a strong Pakistan. They declared that their party would form a government after a thumping victory in the next general elections. “PTI chief Imran Khan really cares for the poor and that he will change the fate of the nation by putting the country on the way to progress and prosperity,” they pointed out.

They were of the view that the protest call of the PML-N was just a political stunt, adding that both the parties were not sincere with the country and they were just hoodwinking the masses.