KARACHI - Local producers of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) have slashed prices by Rs 3,800-5,800 to 81,300 per metric ton in the country after fall in international price (Saudi Aramco Contact Price).

This was stated by the patron-in-chief of All Pakistan LPG Distributors Association Abdul Hadi Khan here on Wednesday.

Welcoming the decision, he said that after the decrease of price at production level, retail price of LPG has been reduced by Rs 4-6 to Rs 100-101 per kilo in Karachi and Sindh, Rs 104-105 in Lahore and Punjab, Rs 108-109 per kilo in Khyber Pukhtuonkhwa and Peshawar, and Rs.110-111 per kilo in Northern Areas FATA, Batgram and Rs 112 in Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK).

The new prices will be effective from May 3 (today). Price of 11.8 kg cylinder has been reduced by Rs 47-70 to Rs 1040-1053 in Karachi and Sindh, Rs 1090-1103 in Lahore and Punjab, Rs 1130-1143 in Khyber Pukhtonkhwa and Peshawar, Rs 1180 in Northern Areas, FATA, Batgram and Rs.1190 in AJK. Price of 45.4 kg cylinder has been decreased by Rs 180-270 to 4000-4055 in Karachi and Sindh, Rs 4195-4245 in Lahore and Punjab, Rs 4346-4398 in Khyber Pukrtookhwa and Peshawar, and Rs 4500-4545 in Northern Areas, FATA, Batgram and Rs 4577 in AJK. Hadi pointed out that LPG sale was still restricted to 45 percent due to higher prices and unsold LPG stock was piling up. He also underlined the need for increase in local LPG production which has been stagnant at 900 to 1100 tons per day.

Hadii was of the opinion that LPG sa1e can be enhanced due to rising prices of petrol, CNG and diesel, with the help of an effective and interrogated strategy of all stakeholders and further reduction in LPG prices.

He hoped that LPG sale can go up to 60-65 percent with considerable decline in its prices in the wake of rising price of petroleum products and current energy crises. Hadi pointed out that the energy challenges can be overcome by enhancing local production of LPG and bringing down its prices within the reach of common consumers so that it can be used as an economical fuel in the automobile sector.