KARACHI - At least seven more people were killed and 40 others wounded in gun-battles which continued between the Lyari gangsters and police on Wednesday, which has also so far claimed over 36 lives in last six days.

According to details, police action continued in Lyari where police could not even get inside the area even after six days of battles as heavy resistance does not allow police to get inside Lyari.

Political figures and influential Baloch tribes are engaged in negotiations with gangsters and government because further action would be more harmful for the police, a officer stated.

There are covert hands supporting the gangsters by various means while providing them logistic support and equipment and taking out people from different areas to politicise the matter, it was stated.

Gangsters in Lyari fired over two dozen rockets and hand grenades against the police and general public in different areas located in the surrounding of Lyari.

Police made a new strategy and tried to get inside Lyari from Shah Baig Lane dominated area of gangster’s commander Jabbar alias Jangu where police vehicles were stuck in barriers erected by the gangsters at all entry points. Gangsters showered bullets on police mobiles and APCs as a result many police personnel were wounded.

The attacks and gun-fight between the police and gangsters claimed seven more lives as Sajjan Bibi, 22,was killed in Kalakot area when bullet hit her at home during exchange of fire while in Usmanabad a 7-year-old Noor Zaib was killed during exchange of firing. Ismail Katchi was killed and seven others were wounded in rocket attack.

Amjad wounded in Kalakot succumbed to his injuries on the way to hospital.  Zafar Katchi was killed at Cheel Chock while an unknown man knocked to death by police APC in Kalakot area.

Gangsters in Lyari also attacked police stations and house of PPP MPA Rafiq Engineer located at Shidi Lane and also torched a police mobile in Pak Colony area.

There were numerous incidents of rocket and grenade attacks in Lyari as gangsters used rockets and threw grenades in different areas including Lee Market, Kharadar, Chakiwara, Nawa Lane, Behtai Lane and other areas of Lyari which damaged police mobiles and police stations.