KARACHI - Sindh is known as the land of Sufis but currently this peaceful land is witnessing saboteurs, anti- state elements and criminals ruling the province.On Wednesday Sindh witnessed one of the biggest series of bombings and rail track blowing across the province.  As many as 16 blasts rattled the province right from Karachi to Ghotki, destroyed railway tracks, and disrupted the rail traffic. The bombs had targeted bank branches and ATMs in Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Sukkur, Dadu, Larkana, Kotri, and Badin. Sindhu Desh Liberation Army (SDLA) has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Police also found pamphlets belonging to the organisation near the banks targeted in Hyderabad.In Lyari hardened and heavily armed criminals allegedly supported by Tehreek-e-Talban Pakistan) TTP and (Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) continued to resist an overwhelming police force which is struggling to gain control over the old quarters for the last six days. In this miserable and scary scenario the Governor, the Chief Minister and Home Minister all are on the foreign visit as Karachi continued to bleed and national economy once again suffering immeasurable losses. As the boss is away the ministers in the Sindh cabinet are running in different directions and holding press conferences wherever they like. The Sindh ministers in the city are like horses of a chariot running loose and in different direction. The death toll in operation against the gang lords in labyrinth of Lyari has risen to 20 plus. Among them killed are SHO and number of police personnel and number of senior police officers were injured.According to unconfirmed reports, the police has so far spent bullet worth rupee five million and around two and half million rounds have been fired to flushed out the gangsters who are using the most confiscated weaponry to keep the police away.Hardly had the nation and the province of Sindh absorbed the shock of Lyari operation, they came to know about acts of sabotage in interior of Sindh right from Ghotki to Karachi.Unknown saboteurs and anti state elements targeted branches of nationalized and other private banks by destroying the ATMs which according to banking sources cost Rs7 million each ATM.A portion of main railway track was blown at Mirpur Mathelo, disrupting rail traffic on main track.The railway Authorities rushed to repair the tracks and restored the traffic after a brief interruption.It is pertinent to mention here that during the last three years close to one hundred blasts have taken place in Sindh but no arrest has been made so far, neither the persons nor organisation behind theses acts were identified.Blowing railway track has become a routine in Sindh and provincial government is taking causal view of acts of sabotage unaware that with each blast the people behinds the acts of sabotage are gaining strength and they may target bigger sensitive installations which may bring bad name to the country which has already been considered as the nest of terrorists organisation.