KARACHI - Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah on Wednesday disclosed that gangsters fighting with police in Lyari are not in isolation but separatist groups of Balochistan and Taliban are also in companion with these criminals.After returning from Dubai, the chief minister chaired a high-level meeting to review law and order situation in connection with ongoing operation against criminals in Lyari. Qaim said the scale of capacity and target of attacking on national organizations-National Banks in Karachi and other parts of the province showed that criminals forwarding to insurgency, adding, people who want to break Pakistan are behind these incidents. Based on information developed by the law enforcement agencies, the criminals fighting with police in Lyari are in isolation, but separatist groups and Taliban are also behind these incidents.Keeping in view of this situation, the government making strategy against the criminals, Sindh CM said, but he announced that this strategy would not be disclosed due to nature of operation. Government will discuss further to evolve a strategy today on Thursday in a high level meeting, federal interior minister Rehman Malik is also arriving today for this purpose, he added. CM Sindh said that the police raided to arrest the criminals, but they resisted and started attacking on the law enforcement agencies. The murder of PPP leader Malik Muhammad Khan caused natural reaction to launch operation against the criminals in Lyari, CM said. He praised the police performance, claiming that LEAs forwarding against the criminals. He also announced Rs2 million for legal heirs of each police personal martyred in operation in Lyari, besides financial compensation for the civilians who fell victims was also announced by the CM.CM said that he rejected the impression about Rangers for not taking part in operation in Lyari, saying that Rangers and other all LEAs are one and following the government’s policy.He said that Government will not allow anyone to inroad the write of state, whether it is in Karachi, Lyari or any other part of the province.CM also dispelled the impression that operation launched in Lyari was based on ethnicity and against the Baloch people. ‘This police action is against the criminals, who challenging the writ of government’, CM declared, saying that Balochs are our people and brothers.CM also claimed that Lyari will be stronghold of PPP as it was in past and today. The chief executive did not give the deadline to finish the operationagainst the criminals in Lyari, but vowed that LEAs will not return back until successful elimination and cleans up Lyari from the criminals, adding that government has made exhaustive and planned strategy against criminals fighting with the police.  He also rejected the impression of Peoples Amn Committee leaders were part of PPP.Meanwhile, according to CM House, presiding over a high level meeting CM said that the Karachi is an important city of country and economic hub of the Pakistan while it is endeavour of present government to maintain peaceful atmosphere in the province without any discrimination or favour particularly in Karachi.  He said that it was previously decided that law enforcement agencies will take action against criminals across the board, so that no one should feel any injustice of action.Chief Minister Sindh added that Lyari is main centre of Peoples Party but few criminals can not be allowed to take law in hands. It was decided that all agencies will jointly work together and evolved strategy to curb the activities of terrorists, criminals and anti-state elements.It was further decided that subsequent meeting will be held tomorrow between I.G Police Sindh and D.G Rangers Sindh followed by a high level meeting to be presided by Chief Minister Sindh. The meeting will finalise the line of firm action and prompt strategy for combating the situation so as to maintain peace in all areas of Karachi particularly in Lyari.