ISLAMABAD – Country’s military and political bosses Wednesday gathered at the President House where they agreed not to succumb to US pressure and ruled out compromise on national security interests.At the meeting jointly chaired by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and participated by Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, they agreed that federal cabinet would decide the fate of Nato supplies, sources said.The absence of a satisfactory official word on this more-symbolic-than-substantive meeting gave weight to supposition that Gilani’s conviction in contempt case and subsequent opposition pressure for his resignation was the most important issue at hand. This meeting reinforced the idea of army’s acceptance of Gilani as PM and its support for PPP-led government.This was also expressed earlier same day through a Kayani-Gilani-plus-associates moot at the Prime Minister House. In that meeting, Gilani reportedly assured the army chief that his party will not clash with the judiciary. However, he told him that government will appeal his conviction in contempt case.The second most pressing issue at the second meeting was future of ties with the US and resumption of Nato supplies. The participants, who also included ISI DG Lt-Gen Zaheerul Islam, Ambassador Sherry Rehman and Foreign Minister Hina Khar, strongly condemned drone attacks and reiterated call for US apology over Salala attack. President Zardari said drone attacks have brought negative impact on ongoing war against terrorism.He said security and sovereignty of country remained their top-most priority and he pledged to meet all defence requirements of the armed forces. They also discussed regional situation in the wake of Obama’s Kabul visit, besides reviewing Pak-Afghan-US core group meeting held last week, and reaffirmed total commitment to an Afghan-led peace process. Some participants suggested President Zardari should boycott Chicago Conference, however, no decision was taken in this regard.