Recently there was an exceptionally large convoy of some VIP passing by the PIDC. Traffic had, as usual, been stopped much in advance of its anticipated arrival and long lines of vehicles and pedestrians baked patiently in the scorching sun. For some, there may have been no urgency of time, but for others like me rushing to collect a toddler from school it was most agonising. Even several policemen, who spontaneously appeared to bring traffic to a halt, disappeared in a jiffy after the VIP passed, leaving all and sundry to fend for themselves. Almost 20 minutes late for my child, I wrote this as I stood waiting on the roadside for my driver to finally reach me from the other side of the jam. Eventually I reached the school, apologetic and consoling a toddler oblivious to the bitter realities of the environment she is growing up in.


Karachi, May 2.