Building a canal for Thar is not the problem, the problem is to find waterfor the canal, the total water available for irrigation in the country is barely sufficient to meet the needs of Kharif and Rabi crops, we urgently need more water and that only another dam can provide. The irrigation supplies that increased to 104 million acre feet when Tarbela dam was commissioned have remained static for 38 years while the population has increased from 8 crore to 19 crore over that period, and continues toincrease.

We cannot expect any more supply for water for the next increase 10 to12 years, if and when, Bhasha dam is completed. Do the people of Thar have to wait that long, when they can get the same amount of water in 4 to 5 years time? Don't forget that in five years time, according to official forecast, Thar will not be the only place suffering from drought all of Pakistan would be suffering! While there will be traitors to the land and idiots going around saying they stopped the Kalabagh from being built.

I hope the Sharif brothers will be ready to answer the country and it’s down trodden masses when this happens!

Do we not have one person with any conscious or fear of Allah who will take this crusade up and promise to build KBD before we become a wasteland?


Lahore, March 22.