Pakistan is considered the third largest consumer of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) but now Pakistan is facing worst shortfall of CNG. I am finding it hard to understand where did all the CNG go? A decade ago the government almost forced most of the car owners, to convert their vehicles to CNG, as usual, I believe there was no planning, only giving in to the CNG mafia which has led to these crises.

Why is CNG not available in Pakistan now? No one can give a reply that sounds logical, I only hear tales being told. It takes hours and hours to get a tank full and now most of the stations are close three or four days a week, what happened to the CNG Mafia? Had they not planned for such large consumption or was this the game plan from the start? As CNG is considering a natural resource of Pakistan and around 3.5 million vehicles are now running on CNG we are seeing a manmade disaster. Like all problems this also has a solution if there was a will! Where has good governance gone and all the promises PML-N made? I would like to see some solution to some problems soon.


Lahore, April 27.