RAWALPINDI- The residents of Rawalpindi Cantonment area are facing severe shortage of water and are forced to buy water through tankers
at inflated prices.
The residents of various areas including Chungi No 22, Chohar Harpal, Miseral Raod Lane No 7, Mohallah Zimindaran and adjoining areas said that they faced mild shortage of water in winter season but with the advent of summer, supply of water to them is near to nil. They said that water tankers owners were taking advantage of the situation and making huge profits by selling water at high rates.
The residents said that they were charged Rs1000 to Rs1200 per water tanker and each household buys at least three to four tankers in a week. They said that the water tankers owners hadturned into a mafia and needed to be controlled. They demanded the higher authorities of the board to ensure smooth supply of water to their areas.