ISLAMABAD- With severity of hot weather and increase in loadshedding, the shopkeepers have unilaterally raised prices of room coolers , UPS and batteries in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
People are purchasing electric items to beat the heat. The demand of batteries, UPS and room coolers has also gone up. According to a survey, a medium size room cooler is being sold at Rs5,000, a medium UPS at Rs10,000 and medium battery is being sold at Rs12,000 to Rs18,000. Rechargeable fans are also available in bazaars which cost Rs4,000 per piece at least. The prices have gone out of reach of the lower middle class and lower class of the society, who have no option but to suffer in extremely hot weather. A consumer rights activist, talking to sources said that it was very unfortunate that price system in the country was virtually unimplemented and shopkeepers were free to raise price of commodities at their disposal. He also regretted that most of the consumers did not even know their rights and kept paying inflated prices without complaining. He said that the consumer rights councils should get active and play their due role in empowering the common man.