We have been independent for nearly six decades. In spite of being blessed with large holdings of fertile land, jungles, glaciated high mountain, big rivers, a vast coast line, immense natural resources and industrious manpower, we have not progressed as much as the other Asian countries have, with much lesser resources or even lesser time. What is holding us back? Apart from certain obvious important factors such as lack of education, corruption, enormous defense expenditure and non utilization of resources. The most important reason is the instability of Government’s projects. Whenever any new party takes office it rejects the previous projects, that were initiated by the former government acting as if this was in the nation’s welfare, while letting petty ego rule rather the common sense!

Lately, Nawaz Sharif’s government has also followed the same trend. There is a paucity of supervision on the last regime projects, such as Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). This should have been carried forward and improved, removing any corruption so that all the people should have benefitted but the Nawaz government started its own personal projects. Although it’s not something wrong but why do our rulers want self acclaim rather than the betterment of the common man? I wish we had mature and seasoned rulers who wanted a better more developed Pakistan rather than the self proclaimed ‘Sharif Kings.’


Karachi, April 27.