Lawyers in Peshawar called for strikes for two days because a bomb was defused by the police, in front of a senior lawyers house. While Pakistan’s justice system faces delays of many decades for a common man to get justice or even a conclusion of their court case, our professional lawyers call for even more delays.

By striking for two days, the lawyers have delayed thousands of cases, wasted millions in lost man hours, while caused misery to millions of common Pakistanis. By striking they have also confused the local police, who have risked their precious lives to save a senior lawyer from disaster, instead of being thanked are facing strike calls from lawyers in Peshawar. Should the police not defuse any bombs, left at lawyer houses, in the future?

It is also shameful to think that lawyers are considered to be very professional people and they demand respect from the public because of this reason. But here in Peshawar, the lawyers have ashamed their entire community by acting in such an unprofessional manner. While the terrorists responsible for the bomb, wanted to terrorise the people of Peshawar and their plan was defused by the police, but the lawyers in Peshawar have shown their allegiance to the terrorist by causing unnecessary disruption and delays by their un-Pakistani call for strike.

I therefore request the relevant authorities to take action against all the unprofessional lawyers who have called for strike. All such lawyers should be arrested and their licenses to practice should be cancelled. Any Lawyers Bar or organisation that was involved in this call for strike should also be disbanded. The real professional lawyers and Judges should take action against these criminals who have brought shame to their community.


Peshawar, April 20.