LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has expressed his shock over the criticism by the ‘corrupt’.

“Those who talk about corruption are themselves surrounded by the people who got loans to the tune of billions of rupees written off and grabbed lands in the suburbs of Lahore,” the CM said while addressing the newly-elected party officebearers Wednesday.

He went on to say: “Such corrupt have no justification to cry out against corruption as it is like the pot calling the kettle black. Why does Niazi Sahib not see those who got hefty loans written off and are land grabbers?”

He said those who had tried to stop the development process and locked down Islamabad have already been defeated.

 “Pakistan is progressing rapidly and destiny of the country is about to changed and loadshedding is going to end soon with the completion of energy projects by 2018. All development projects launched by the PML-N government are the great example of transparency and speed and standard,” he added.

The CM said: “Transparency in the development of all mega projects is matchless in 70 years history of Pakistan. 

Even opponents can’t point finger at the transparency.

PM Nawaz Sharif has spent national resources on the development while the past rulers made records of corruption.”

He said well aware people of Pakistan knew that allegations of the defeated elements are mere packs of lies.

He said three gas-based energy projects of 3600MW are about to be completed in the record period of 27 months while the Bhikki power project is today producing 717MW.

‘PML-N believes in freedom

of expression’

Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said the media role cannot be undermined for opinion-making.

In his message on the Press Freedom Day Wednesday, he said: “Free press plays vital role in strengthening democracy and economic development of a country. Journalism is a noble profession which also raises voice for protection of the every segment of society.”

He said: “The PML-N government believes that the freedom of expression is a significant part of democracy.

Today is the day that we should reiterated resolve that we will make all possible measures to ensure sustained freedom of expression and help the journalists discharge their duties in a professional way and without undue restrictions.”

He said responsible journalism is helpful in curbing corruption, lawlessness and terrorism.  He said free media assume the role of an arbiter in a society, and responsible and positive journalism can change destiny

of the country. 

He said free press and provision of secure environment to journalists to discharge their duties is the priority of the government. ­