During the hearing of Panama Case investigation, Supreme Court rejected the presented names of officials by State Bank and SECP. Three-member bench headed by Justice Ijaz Afzal heard the case.

On April 20th Supreme Court ordered to establish a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to investigate Panama Leaks against Sharif family. The JIT will consist of officials from FIA, SECP, State Bank, ISI, MI and NAB. 

Earlier, the media reported that all six institutions have given the names of probable officials for JIT. 

The bench has called chairman of State Bank and SECP on next hearing. “Don’t try to play games with us,” warned the apex court.

The court also ordered to present list of Grade 18 and above officers of State Bank and SECP.

“The court will not tolerate any delay in the investigation process,” said Jusitce Ijaz Afazal.

The hearing was adjourned till Friday.

Furthermore, the JIT in Panama case will comprise a senior officer of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), who shall head the team and will not be below the rank of Additional Director General; a representative of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB); a nominee of the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP); a nominee of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP); and one member each from the Military Intelligence and the Inter-Services Intelligence.

Sources also disclosed that the three names forwarded by FIA to Supreme Court include Additional Director General Wajid Zia, Additional Director General Captain (R) Ahmed Latif and Additional Director General Dr Shafiq-ur-Rehman.