On April 10, Kulbhushan Sudhir Yadhav – a serving officer of Indian Navy who was picked up by Indian intelligence agency i.e. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) to organise catastrophic events in its rival neighboring country – was awarded death sentence by the military court of Pakistan after he admitted the allegations imposed on him. But, the reaction received from the Indian media and politicians was as erroneous as expected, they described a lawful punishment as a “premeditated murder”, which shows their ‘imitated’ lack of knowledge regarding their countrymen. 

Nevertheless, the just, legitimate and precise decision by military court was something looked-for, this sent a clear message to the foreign intelligence agencies and malevolent people functioning within the country that their delinquencies will be dealt with iron hand. Kulbhushan alias Hussain Mobarak Patel isn’t the only spy who’s being discussed recurrently, Uzair Baloch; is the boss of Karachi-based organised crime syndicate Lyari Gang who like Kulbhushan was charged guilty for organizing sabotage and espionage activities against Pakistan and its military alliance. Whether, it’s the outsider Kulbhushan or insider Uzair or any other individual involved in conspiracies against our country should be punished severely as this country has already lost thousands of innocent lives due to unmonitored functioning of such malicious groups. 


Karachi, April 14.