LAHORE: “Guzray Pal” a new video song that has been directed by renowned actress Noor Bukhari was launched on Wednesday amid a lot of hullaballoo at Faletti’s hotel.

It all started when Wali Hammid Ali Khan, her estranged husband with whom the divorce case is being contested in the court of law, came and sat in the press conference venue. Noor had just started her briefing when she flared up on seeing him. “Get him out from here” she shouted while giving direction to the organizer. She left the staged and started walking out of the marquee where the press conference was being held. There was a lot of confusion for almost 20 minutes and it all ended only when Wali left the place.

Rachel Khan, Habib Rehman, Aurangzeb Laghari and Rashid Mehmood were also present at the launch of the song.

“I request all the media people not to hit my personal life. They should keep my personal and professional life separate,” Noor requested.

“I always wanted to live a normal life and prove myself as a role model in front of my fans. No woman wants her house to get destroyed but there are few things which are not under your control and it is better to get away from them.

“When Rashid Mehmood offered me to direct this song I was really depressed but he motivated me to do it. Good news for my fans is that I have started working on new projects and soon they will see me on big screen,” Noor said.

Model Richael Khan was of the view when Noor shared the idea about the song with me she loved the lyrics and couldn’t say no to her. “She has directed the music video in an exquisite way and her work in ‘Guzray Pal’ is speechless,” she said.

Veteran actor Aurangzeb Laghari further stated Noor is like my daughter and whenever she would need help I will be always present for her.

“We had a very strong family relationship and her father was a respectable person. This music video has proved that she done a brilliant job,” Arangzeb said. 

Guzray Pal by Habib Rehman will be released under the banner of Beyond Records.