Former Indian Chief Justice Markandey Katju says ‘India and Pakistan are really one country, sharing the same culture.’

On his Facebook page he shared his thoughts regarding the death of Indian soldiers and Indian claims of their bodies being mutilated. He highlighted that both India and Pakistan have given their word on it and the media is highlighting it to gain TRPs, but it’s hard to believe what the truth is.

Then he said that the Mughals had ruled the subcontinent and there was no division between the masses but the Britishers had befooled the Hindus and Muslims with the Two Nation theory.

Katju also said that both sides have 99% good people. It’s wrong to say that too much time has passed and now India Pakistan cannot unite. Regarding the hate that exists on both sides of the border he said that Pakistanis and Indians get mutual respect when they visit eachother’s country.

As a concluding note he said, “We are really one, and so must reunite.”